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Programmatic Direct Mail® for Beginners

Programmatic Direct Mail® for Beginners

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The 2018 "Programmatic Direct Mail® for Beginners" eBook is a 4-step guide to understanding and activating this powerful conversion solution. Designed for automotive marketers, it is based on PebblePost’s insights and learnings as the inventor of Programmatic Direct Mail®, delivering quantifiable success for hundreds of brands across verticals.

Read the eBook to learn more about how Programmatic Direct Mail® can convert more of your in-market car shoppers into buyers.

Chapters Include:

  • Path to Purchase
  • Customer Retention or Acquisition 
  • The Benefits of "Always On" Vs "Pulse" Campaigns 
  • How to Close the Deal 


  • Glossary
  • The Birth of Programmatic Direct Mail®