As the Programmatic Direct Mail® solution becomes part of your data-driven marketing stack, it’s important to know that we're all speaking the same language.

Here are the top terms and concepts that every marketing expert needs to know to stay on top.

  • Acquisition: The marketing strategy of acquiring new customers and persuading them to purchase or engage with you.
  • Ad ImpressionTraditionally, an ad impression is the term for the moment an advertisement is shown to a viewer. In today’s world, digital ad impressions are no longer 100% viewed by humans, due to the rise in bot fraud and ad blockers.
  • Attribution: A hotly contested term, attribution can refer to a specific conversion or action derived from a marketing campaign OR "conventional" attribution which describes how a specific campaign interacts with other marketing channels and tactics. 
  • Average Order Value (AOV): The sum of revenue generated in relation to the total number of orders generated. For many marketers, AOV is a key performance indicator, and when combined with revenue per visit and order conversion rate, it provides big-picture insight into the pulse of a website or program.
  • Campaign: The period in which an ad delivery strategy or program is executed in order to promote products and services.
  • Cart Abandonment: When a user visits your website, places an item in their shopping cart, but exits your site without completing the purchase or converting. The nerve!
  • Conversion: The total number of orders, purchases, transactions, or other marketer-defined actions completed during a campaign.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): The amount a marketer pays for a pre-defined and desired action, such as an order, sale, or conversion.
    • Total Cost / Total Number of Acquisitions
  • First Class Mail™: PebblePost's Programmatic Direct Mail® is sent via First Class Mail to provide a higher-quality direct mail experience for customers, as opposed to the bulk and standard mail formats that traditional mail relies on.
  • Geo-Targeting: A method of detecting a website visitor’s location to serve location-based content or advertisements; for example, driving visitors to a retail store location.
  • Lift Reporting: Using control and exposed groups, marketers can measure the effectiveness of campaigns based on how much incremental business is driven. For example, the control group is not exposed to the marketer's advertising while an exposed group is. The marketer then looks at the differential between the control group's conversion vs the exposed to understand whether that campaign drove additional conversions.  
  • Programmatic: PebblePost's definition of programmatic is "Data-driven decisioning, with high levels of automation that continually enhance the efficiency and efficacy of a marketer’s goals."
  • PebblePost Programmatic Direct Mail® PlatformOur innovative platform that transforms real-time interest and intent and behavioral signals into a dynamically rendered piece of direct mail delivered into postal hubs within 12-24 hours every day.  
  • Programmatic Postcard™: The customized and dynamic one-and-a-half panel format delivered via PebblePost's Programmatic Direct Mail® campaign; often includes a discount code.
  • Programmatic Catalog™: The customized and dynamic 8-16 panel format delivered via PebblePost's Programmatic Direct Mail® campaign.
  • Remarketing: Remarketing is a way for marketers to connect with website visitors who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry.
  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS): ROAS is the revenue that is generated in relation to your advertising costs, and shows how much value you are receiving in relation to your ad spend.
    • Total Revenue / Total Advertising Campaign Cost
  • Site Abandonment: When a user visits your site and exits without making a purchase, registering, or otherwise taking an action that you have defined as a conversion. Can you imagine?
  • Total Mail Conversion Rate: The total number of conversions from a Programmatic Direct Mail® campaign, as related to the total number of mail pieces sent.
    • Total Conversions / Total Mail Pieces
  • Website Prospect: An unknown website visitor, who has not registered or purchased on your site.
  • Website Prospect RemarketingPebblePost's Programmatic Direct Mail® solution to help marketers qualify, re-engage, and convert unknown website visitors into customers.

Data-driven marketing is always evolving. Don’t worry — we’re constantly adding to this dictionary of terms to help keep you on the cutting edge. Bookmark this page and check back often.

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