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Research | Home is at the Heart of Commerce Marketing

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Our "Home is at the Heart of Commerce Marketing" research details how pivotal a role the home plays in shopper behavior. Statistics within the report reveal how the majority of purchase decisions are pre-planned and made at home with other members of the household.

Key Takeaways:
  • 88% of purchase decisions are made or discussed at home. In fact, retail, auto, and financial purchases that require higher levels of consideration almost universally involve the home.
  • 89% of purchase decisions are pre-planned and discussed with others. Spouses are consulted most often and wield the greatest influence on purchase decisions.
  • 76% of shoppers discuss relevant mail from a brand or retailer they’ve purchased from in the past, and 61% of recipients find direct mail influenced their purchase decision.
  • Direct mail drives consideration and engagement: 75% of direct mail shoppers talked about the product after purchasing, while 22% liked or followed the brand or retailer on social media.

As a major marketing tool used to reach consumers in the home, direct mail provides an additional (and crucial) physical-world touchpoint on a shopper’s path to purchase. Our Programmatic Direct Mail® solution further boosts engagement at home, by using digital intent data to deliver meaningful and relevant direct mail that increases consideration and drives conversion across channels.