Programmatic Direct Mail, helps brand marketers transform real-time website interest and intent into relevant and personalized direct mail that converts.


But how?

We capture online interest and intent data to send relevant direct mail that activates buying decisions at home and drives conversions everywhere.

PDM combines the brains of digital data and processing with the brawn of direct mail as a conversion and response driver. This solution allows brand marketers to leave a lasting impression with shoppers and existing customers — without worrying about ad blockers, bots, fraud, or irritating user experiences.


Our programmatic platform seamlessly integrates segmentation, campaign management, production, analytics, and optimization. 

Programmatic Direct Mail® is PebblePost's form of what the USPS calls "Digitally Reactive Direct Mail" — the newest channel since Search and Social. 

How Does the Programmatic Direct Mail® Platform Work?

First... Let's define "Programmatic."

PebblePost's definition of programmatic is “data-driven decisioning, with high levels of automation that continually enhance the efficiency and efficacy of a marketer’s goals." 

How does Programmatic Direct Mail platform works based on that definition: 

Experience the same campaign workflow as your digital platforms (frequency capping, suppression, A/B testing, audience tagging) with the added benefit of real-time, dynamically rendered Programmatic Direct Mail® created and sent to a shopper or existing customer's home — all from one platform.  Continuous optimization transforms today's website intent into tomorrow's in-home tangible impression. Our closed-loop platform tracks response path and conversion activity and matches it to a visitor’s return to your site to purchase. 

The PebblePost Programmatic Direct Mail® platform does all the heavy-lifting for marketers — from campaign setup to creative production, optimization to real-time analytics.

We’re not the only ones who think this is a big shift for programmatic advertising: check out what Forbes had to say.



How is the Programmatic Direct Mail® Solution Different?

Digital First: It's 100% programmatic ad spend

Real-Time Analytics: Our programmatic platform brings real-time analytics to offline media for the first time

Pull, Don’t Push: Programmatic Direct Mail® helps your brand avoid the noise and clutter of traditional programmatic retargeting

Beat Ad Blockers, Fraud, View-ability and Bots: Every ad impression truly leaves an impression — you get 100% view ability, plus bots don’t have mailboxes

By marrying the data-driven, automated decision-making of programmatic with the impact of direct mail delivered at home, the Programmatic Direct Mail® solution helps brands deliver a personalized, longer-lasting impression that makes advertising easy and desirable for customers to make time for, consider, and act on.